The Slovak Yearbook of International Law (SYIL) is the first and leading Slovak professional scientific publication issued annually with an exclusive focus on current issues of international law. The main objective of the SYIL is to create a professional platform to exchange the latest expert views in the area and to provide for a forum for publication of short articles and studies on international law. SYIL contributes to the deepening of the knowledge in the field of international law and international relations, while serving as a qualified source of information and professionals and general public. 


SYIL is published by the Slovak Society of International Law



  • Metod Špaček

Editorial Board

  • Peter Klanduch
  • Milan Kollár
  • Dagmar Lantajová
  • Katarína Šmigová
  • Metod Špaček


Advisory Board

  • Gerhard Hafner
  • Dalibor Jílek
  • Stephen McCaffrey
  • Pavel Šturma
  • Peter Tomka