7. Hodás, Milan: Implementation of several aspects of the Lisbon Treaty from the point of view of the National Council of the Slovak Republic



The Impact of the Lisbon Treaty boosted powers of national parliaments (mantra above elimination of the democratic deficit of the European Union). That caused the need for the adopting of new legislative regulation of some procedures connected to these new powers of national parliaments. In the article the author deals with some proposals for this national regulation of procedures connected to the subsidiarity control and national procedures connected to actions on grounds of infringement of the principle of subsidiarity by a legislative act (parliamentary print nr. 1260 and parliamentary print nr. 1261). The national regulations should establish a competence for the European affairs committee in the field of control of subsidiarity and hearing of action which is planned to be lodged in case of infringement of the principle of subsidiarity. Another role of these regulations is clarify the relationship between the Parliament and the Government of Slovak republic. Unfortunately the adoption of the proposals failed so the need for the regulation connected to the new role of the parliament in the EÚ affairs still exists.