2. Azud, Ján: On the question of fragmentation, diversification and dissemination of international law (comments on the ILC Study of 2006)


Already in the introduction we stated that the idea of splitting or fragmentation of international law, although not new in fact linked with the whole development and its development. In this era of rapid developments in the internationalization of many problems of international law is rapidly evolving, fragments, diversifies and expands. The United Nations Commission on International Law, the current issues that we stated in the preface addressed and adopted important conclusions, which we raised respectively. also appointed at the beginning of our paper. The question is really very broad and will require a detailed analysis of the various parts of the problems and even some of the points listed in the conclusion of the report of the Study Group in 2006. This paper is actually an introduction to the issues being examined, which probably will be addressed by experts of international law around the world. In addition to our paper and enumerated issues, as well as remining of the conclusions, we have tried to take a position on some parts of the document and particularly the impact of globalization on the particular global problems of the world and also to disputes on issues of international law division, as well as the principles of some sectors international law that we have documented the thesis of fragmentation, diversification and expansion. Specifically, we address the issues of some international legal aspects of global problems the world. In conclusion, we formulate insight into the relationship and impact of scientific and technological progress in international law, respectively international relations.
In conclusion, we express our opinion on the concept and definition of international law, although the Commission did not want to deal with global law, as well as leaving aside the problems of customary international law. We think, however, that international law can affect to solution of global problems, global problems of the world in terms of their nature, the nature of International law as an instrument adacvate for solving many aspect of global problems of the world.