Dynys, Heorhiy: The quazi international legal nature of Cyber law, Cyber space, Cyber security and Internet law issues (conceptual approaches)

Key words:

International law; Cyber Law; Cyber Space; Cyber Security; Internet Law; Global Law; World Law; Transformation of International Law; Methodology of study 


This academic study is devoted to the problems of the quazi international legal nature of Cyber law, Internet Law, Cyber space, Cyber security and other related Cyber phenomenon in the context of the theory and practice of the transformation of contemporary International law. Based on the accepted axiom that International law acts as a legal system, one may logically presume that standards of International law, its rules and jus cogens principles (i.e. its norms) acting in relation to it should be applied to the formation of other rules and principles of Cyber law and Internet law. Legal qualification of new Cyber phenomena may confirm the occurrence of new future branches of international law with self-contained legal regimes. The author presumes that in the process of the evolution of Cyber and Internet legal phenomena one can forecast the creation of regional and global outline conventions; international regulatory processual and procedural provisions; unification of conflict norms by adopting intergovernmental conventions/treaties; incorporation of material norms of Cyber law; creation of a system of special Cyber and Internet international arbitration courts.