Špaček, M., Kičurová, K., Nagy, P.: Recent Slovak practice in the field of international law



1. Peaceful settlement of dispute – International Court of Justice

 1.1. Request for ICJ Advisory Opinion on Pre-independence separation of Chagos archipelago from Mauritius


2. Human Rights and Quasi-judicial bodies

2.1. Analysis on the commitment of the conclusions of the quasi-judicial bodies, with a particular emphasis on the Human Rights Committee


3. Space law, Law of the sea, Antarctica

3.1. Latest practice of space law in Slovakia


4. Diplomatic and consular law

4.1. Exemption of diplomatic missions from concessionary fees for radio and television broadcasting

4.2. Non-exemption of diplomatic mission from highway tolls

4.3. Legal personality of an honorary consulate

4.4. Immunities of the members of the service staff of the mission and private personnel


5. Codification and progressive development of international law – statements of Slovakia during the consideration of the Report of the International Law Commission on the work of its sixty eighth session (71st session of the UN General Assembly – the Sixth Committee)

5.1. Protection of persons in the event of disasters

5.2. Identification of customary international law

5.3. Crimes against humanity

5.4. Protection of the atmosphere

5.5. Jus cogens

5.6. Other decisions and conclusions of the Commission


6. List of selected international treaties that entered into force for Slovakia in 2016

6.1. Bilateral treaties

6.2. Multilateral treaties

6.3. European Union treaties