Slovak Yearbook of International Law

Vol. IV (2014)

ISBN  978-80-89640-01-0


Vol. IV (2014)

Macková, Darina: New Approaches to Public International Law: Cosmopolitan Vision

Key words: Public International Law, moral cosmopolitanism, universalism of human rights, global justice, global democracy, reform of the United Nations, Peoples´ Assembly, Global Resources Dividend, currency transaction tax/Tobin Tax.   Abstract: The article presents an inspiring stream of...

Faix, Martin: Application of Human Rights to European Union Military Operations: Mission Impossible?

Key words: European Union, CSDP, military operations, human rights, crisis management, peace operations Abstract: In the last 15 years, the European Union continuously developed its operational capabilities and increased its role as security player, having launched since 2003 more than twenty...

Beham, Markus P.: Gabčíkovo-Nagymaros - The Neverending Story?

Key words: Hungary, Slovakia, Gabčíkovo-Nagymaros, EU, Peaceful Settlement of Disputes, Negotiations, ICJ, ECJ,Article 259 TFEU Abstract: The paper takes a look at the current state of negotiations between Hungary and Slovakia following the judgment of the International Court of Justice of 25...

Wasinski, Marek Jan: The Campbell Case: A New Chapter of the Saga

Keywords: Human rights in Africa, Southern African Development Community, acts of international organization and responsibility of its members, extraterritorial application of human rights treaties Abstract: A land reform in Zimbabwe and accompanying compulsory acquisition of property were held...

Regecová, Nikola: National Courts v. International Courts as an Effective Means to Punish Criminals in Accordance with International Law (Case of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi)

Key words: international law, criminal law, court, tribunal, crimes, prosecution, effectiveness, judges, Islamic law, prosecution. Abstract: The article deals with an effective means to punish criminals in accordance with international law. The subject of research is the comparison of...

Villacis, Eva: Al Qaida Sanctions Regime of the United Nations Security Council and Due Process Standards: Utopia or Reality?

Key words: international terrorism, the UN Security Council, counter-terrorism regimes, Al Qaida Sanctions Committee, listing and delisting process, sanctions list, the UN Ombudsperson, due process standards Abstract: Within the framework of the counter-terrorism measures, the UN Security Council...

Ondřej, Jan: The Exercise of Jurisdiction over Objects and Persons in Outer Space with Specific Reference to the International Space Station

Abstract: The Outer Space Treaty unlike The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 1982 does not mention the exclusive jurisdiction of the state of registration in relation to the ships on the sea. Apart from the general regulation contained in the Outer Space Treaty there are the Space...

Pavlovič, Peter: Direct Participation in Hostilities in Non-international Armed Conflicts: Act-based Approach vs. Membership-based Approach

Key words: Direct participation in hostilities, continuous combat function, international humanitarian law, principle of distinction. Abstract: This article outlines the contours of the notion of direct participation in hostilities with emphasis on the specific conditions relative to the status of...

Šutek, Rastislav: The Arms Trade Treaty : A Promise Towards the Victims of Armed Conflicts

Key words: arms trade, conventional arms, disarmament, arms diversion, arms brokering, genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, terrorism Abstract: The paper examines the Arms Trade Treaty´s final text with the overall evaluation of its loopholes that might lower the potential of the treaty...

Jarolín, Matúš: State Territory as a Fundamental Element of Statehood

Key words: Montevideo Convention, Statehood, Climate Change, State Territory, State Continuity, Maldives, Artificial Island, Cession, Dissolution Abstract: This study analyses the concept of statehood, since this concept can be regarded as cornerstone of international public law system as such....



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